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Sport is a structured and planned activity that aims to increase physical activity aimed at increasing muscle strength, heart, blood vessels and respiration, as well as increasing physical strength. Sleep is a basic human need, sleep can relieve fatigue, restore energy and enthusiasm to solve further problems. In a 24-hour cycle, all living things have a rhythm of life that changes over time. The rhythm of the earth's rotation is called the circadian rhythm. Suprachiasmatic.nuclei (SCN) is the center for circadian rhythm control. The circadian rhythm is part of the central nervous system and acts as a sleep center for synchronized activity. Completing the circadian rhythm function of the 24-hour cycle can regulate the body's metabolism, such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, hormone secretion, and fluctuations in human appearance and feelings. People are advised to sleep according to a circadian rhythm, because circadian rhythms influence behavior and metabolism at the molecular level.

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