Muhammad Ishak Fatoni


The development of technology in the 21st century is growing very rapidly. Advances in science and information technology have changed the perspective and lifestyle of people both in Indonesia and in the world in carrying out their activities and activities. In any field, science and technology have now entered it, and carry out renewal and diversity in the delivery of information, as well as in the implementation of any activity, one of which is in the field of educational technology. The method used is a literature study, which is one of the research methods that prioritizes literature searches, such as books. In addition, a literature study was also conducted on research journals that were reviewed according to the existing problems. Several research results regarding the use of learning technology in physical education show a positive influence in improving a learning process. The research entitled Multimedia Basketball for Learning Physical Education, Sports and Health in high school also obtained results, namely validation by material experts as a whole aspect was good, with an average score of 4. The media expert's assessment of the product was good with an average score of 3, 83. In the small group trial, the student's assessment was good with an average score of 3.8. In the large group trial, the student's assessment was very good with an average score of 4.32. The conclusion of the article is that the use of audio-visual-based technology media on physical education, sports and health in high school students is very influential. With the method of using the media there is an increase in the initiation of behavior, physical function, vitality, mental health of students.

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